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Dave Sprinkle is a missionary and musician who, along with his wife Lisa, is carrying on Rich’s vision of using music lessons to reach kids on the Navajo and Apache reservations through an organization called Hope in Transit ( Dave and Lisa use music as the vehicle, but their true goal is just to struggle alongside the kids, being real and trying their best to show the kids that they are loved instead of just telling them that they are loved.

Several years before the 1997 accident, a friend asked Dave to go to a Christian concert by a guy named Rich Mullins. Dave would not give Christian musicians the time of day at that point because he thought they were too fake, and as luck would have it the concert was what many would call the worst show of Rich’s career–the room was scorching hot, the sound was bad, the instruments wouldn’t stay in tune…even the microphone stands and water bottles were in on the conspiracy! Rich’s infamous temper flashed, and while many at the concert were disappointed, Dave thought, ‘That wasn’t fake!’

After many years of following Rich’s career, and some time working on the reservation Dave and Lisa, computer programmers at the time, got the call when Rich’s family and friends decided to try to complete Rich’s vision of a Traveling Music School. Now, 13 years into that ministry, Dave understands Rich’s vision and passion for the reservation more each year.

Dave’s speaking calls into question, “If the promises of Jesus are true, aren’t the commands also true? If John 3:16 is true, isn’t James 2:16 also true?” Dave issues the same challenge to the church that Jesus issued when he told the story of “the Good Samaritan”–Who is the good neighbor to Native people…the religious elite who stay clean by not getting mixed up in it, or those who will sacrificially give?

DWM_SmallDiamond Willow Ministries (DWM) is a 501c3 non-profit Christian relief organization (all contributions to this ministry are tax deductible) comprised of members brought together by a common vision. God has worked in wonderful ways to bring together our varied group of individuals, who are compelled to love and serve here with our unique talents. We are comprised of Dakota, Lakota, and non-Indians, most of whom work and live here on the Crow Creek Reservation. We however, are only one part of the DWM team. The great things happening here are also the result of those from around the world who see the need, share the vision, and contribute through giving financially and through prayer.

DWM is not a part of any denominational system, but it is associated with and supported by independent congregations which are generally called Christian Churches or Churches of Christ. These churches call all Christians to unite behind the practices and teachings of the church described in the New Testament as a means of more effectively evangelizing the world.

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  • Ken Forbush

    Hi, my name is ken,

    i am sure you read a lot of stories and testimonies about rich, and you probably have a lot of followers. i guess i am also a great fan of rich’es music, ever since his first self titled tape came out. It was heart breaking when i heard of his passing out of time. but i was happy that i heard about the Jesus project. truely as much as i like the produced songs, i like his demos the best, for they reflect his true heart.

    i am writing because i am at a cross roads in my life. i live in Southern California at the moment. my wife and i came here for a grand child yet to be born. he’s 10 now. but my wife has gone out of time as well recently. ever since she passed i was waiting for things to happen, but they aren’t. so after 16 months of grief and disappointment i am ready To start over. i was fetting my storage cleaned out, and getting rid of a lot of stuff when yesterday i lost my job. it was my ticket out of california, as i was hoping to save money for a move back to either Ohio, (my home) or NC (my adopted home).

    i would like to speak to someone about kid brothers of st frank. i am a great fan of st. frank. but now is not the time to expound. i would like to be part of the mission that rich and st frank are on. is there any thing that is structured enough to join? i would appreciate a reply. or you can call me at 951-858-9850. i know a lot of folks who could vouch for me. ken

    • Lori

      Ken I am wondering if you ever got the information that you were looking for. I am very interested in knowing if the ministry with the Indian reservations is still happening. And if there is a way to be involved. Or any ministry that may have come about from Riches legacy. I tired of churches and religious people. I see the true heart of God in Rich and the ministry he was trying to create and would so love to be apart of that. Please let me know if you have any information you can provide for me. I’m not sure if you can see my email so I will leave a number that I can be reached at. 509-487-1132


    Dear Sirs:

    I am wondering if you still make grant opportunities available to faith based organizations? I am in search of funds for at-risk kids in Fresno County, California.



  • Curtis Kath

    I saw the movie , Ragamuffin , about a year ago …. And now has become my go to church movie . How can I obtain about 10 copies of this movie ? I , too , came to Window Rock, AZ /Tse Bonito, NM almost 3 my ears ago as a care giver to the dead and the living on the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation . I was entranced with Rich Mullins Music and Messages ..

    • Charlotte

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  • Harley Packer

    Hi, I am a Canadian Catholic speaker who, for the last four years, has been traveling and offering parish missions, conferences, retreats and youth events. I am also a musician who has written and recorded some of my own music. I am a huge Rich Mullins fan. He has inspired a lot of what I talk on when I am invited to speak. My goal is to help people overcome fear anxiety and hopelessness with faith, hope and love. I have also spent many years working with at risk youth. I would like to partner with you in some way. Do you have connections in Canada? Are you interested in making connections in Canada?

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  • Coby Rose

    I. like many, am totally inspired by Rich Mullins & the way he lived. I want to help in any way. Please feel free to contact me-sooner rather than later please. Most sincerely, Coby Rose


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