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  • Steve Walden

    Dear David,

    I know you experience almost on a daily basis some sort of reminder of your brother Rich’s legacy. May I add my little memento to the pile?

    I …didn’t …want to see Ragamuffin. I didn’t want to see someone’s interpretation of his life because I already had his songs and that was what was most important to me, right? But I did end up seeing it because I wanted the music to live again, and for my kids to see why this man who had been dead longer than nearly all of them had been alive meant so much to their dad.

    Maybe I had glossed over it. Maybe in my work at my christian bookstore in Denver I had heard a rumor or something similar, but I stuffed it down or tossed it aside as unsubstantiated, but I didn’t understand how real his struggles with your father were and how significant his battle with alcohol was. In your movie, it brought that all home to me, and how the desire for respect and acceptance can fumble around and subtly twist the meanings of love, and trust. Thank you for showing Rich’s humanity and not lionizing him, as even I have done in my own memory of him. Thanks for pulling off the gilded edges of my icon in Rich and instead giving me a physical human image to remind me that even as I live out MY 41st year, I have only one true response to God’s love, which is Abba, I am yours. It is not to make religion anew, but to let God make a new lover out of my heart.

    Thank you, David, for showing me your brother. For letting him be who he was once again.

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